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Hotel for Gamers

Gamers are often worried about having console with them or at least within their eyesight. It might become a real problem for such kind of people to travel or go on a business trip. A lot of hoteliers try to take care of gamers and organize special lounge rooms supplied with different stuff like game consoles.

However, no hotel can compare with the one opened in Amsterdam, which might be easily called Gamer Paradise. Its real name is Arcade Hotel and the main concept of it is to make your sejour as much comfortable as possible. There are 36 rooms there and every of them provides a retro-console and a set of the best video games.

The hotel lobby is a place where every guest can play a modern playstation, Tetris or read comic books. The most pleasant thing is that you can use all the devices without paying any extra charge. Just FYI, you should pay about €75 per person to stay there.


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