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New era and geniuses

Have always wondered, how geniuses manage to make up something really outstanding. What can become a stimulus for a person to create a real work of art, or invent things able to change the future of the whole world. Take, say, Thomas Edison with his light bulb. He was the person to turn the world just upside down. At the same time, he himself admitted that a genius consists of only one percent inspiration, but 99 percent perspiration. But lads, this advice does not work as well! However hard, for instance, personally I work, I will never be able to invent a radio, or a teleport, or whatever. I must lack this one percent of inspiration, right?

Thanks Heaven, not all the people on the Earth are like me in this regard: some still have the opportunity to do a power of good for humanity.

So, our new history began as long ago as in 1642, when Blaise Pascal invented a device that could sum numbers mechanically. Then it was gradually transformed into an adding machine widely spread in the 19th century… hm, my story traces too long way back. But in any case these very adding machines represented the first steps to a true revolution. The revolution itself needed however another hundred years to come. Then it just broke out and turned the world into a completely new place.

Yes, I'm talking about the invention of personal computers. August 12, 1981 became the beginning of a new era marked with the creating of IBM PC 5150. It had 4.77 MHz processor, and the RAM volume started with 16 kB, but could be expanded till up to 256 kB. Nowadays these figures sound weird to us, but than it was a real break-through. Since that time we, all the people on the Earth, are bound to spend at least ten minutes per day in front of the computer. August, 12 was the day that gave birth to a completely new field of knowledge and thus allowed us to meet here and exchange our opinions and accumulated experience. Although a bit late, I congratulate you on the 30th anniversary of this remarkable occasion, and I'm very happy that due to those marvellous geniuses at this very moment I'm able to communicate with you.

Great to welcome you here! Feel at home :)


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