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All the recent hardware news are literally about phones and tablets, but there are other things that can make your life easier save your time, so you get to play with your phone and tablet a little longer.

One of these cool gadgets that will make your life simpler and nicer is Mint Plus Automatic Floor Cleaner… that is if you got a spare 300 USD. The robot can clean up to 2,000 square meter area on a single sweeping cycle. Isn't this amazing?

Need to walk a dog? No problem, GPS enabled dog collar will help you if your pooch runs away.


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Insglas Insglas # 0 Up Down

Wow, man, these things are a definite must-have in every bachelor den on this planet. I don't have a spare 300 USD, bu it's high time I had: I hate nothing more than sweeping, hoovering, washing the floors… In a word, all the chores that have to do with the floor.

Hey, I know what I'll ask my friends to buy me on my next birthday!

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