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Another smartphone competition

I've just come across another article in which the authors compare the performance of different Android and iOS devices (as different as they can be :) ). The devices were put to various performance tests, and here are some of the results:

1) That's what we see after putting them through a pair of browsing benchmarks.


2) That's the result of the graphics test.



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Insglas Insglas # 0 Up Down

You mean we have to make an uneasy choice bewteen the performanbce and graphics again? Tell me it's not true!
Do Not Want!

tauri tauri # 0 Up Down

Usually that was Performance vs. Design, so this time that's something new :)

Insglas Insglas # 0 Up Down

Yeah, this time Apple seems to have been able to combine performance with the sleek design, which makes me somehow put up with many of their corporate practices.
And yeah, I'm a bit of a procastinator when it comes to making important decisions: it can take me ages to figure out which of the two alternatives I really want. That's why I'm sad the times of the Apple's unchallenged dominance on the mobile devices market seem to be a thing of the past. If I'd had enough spare money back then, I wouldn't have needed so awfully much time to make up my mind 'what seat I should take'.
Just compare:
2007: 'So, Keath, what do you really want to purchase?' — 'iPhone, of course!'
2011: 'So, Keath, what do you really want to purchase?' — 'Erm… Erm...'

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