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Verbatim has presented an ultra-slim bluetooth keyboard called Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard (unexpected for Verbatim, eh?). The novelty is supposed to simplify the life of tablet PC users. It can be connected to iPads, iPhones, Android 3.0 and higher devices and some other less popular gadgets. The three dimensions of the keyboard are 221 х 119 х 5 and it costs $55.


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Zocker Zocker # 0 Up Down

55$? I'll take two, wrap it up, please!

dmitriy dmitriy # 0 Up Down

This is ridiculous! So there is a keyboard to type on your tablet, but there is no stand for your tablet included with the keyboard. So it is 55 dollars for this Verbatim's Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard but you also have to spend 30 bucks for the cheapest Belkin tablet cover with a stand, which brings the total to 85 US Dollars. Meanwhile, you can get a keyboard that includes a stand for 80 bucks from Samsung for the Samsung Galaxy Tab line. So as a result either I am missing something or Verbatim's product development and marketing team is on some mushrooms!

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