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Flexible/Transparent AMOLED displays from Samsung in 2012-2013!

Up until this video I thought transparent screens are bogus, but the last 5 seconds of the video proved me wrong. Transparent screens will be used on some luxury store's windows in near future, no doubt there. I kind of expect Apple to start the trend but since they are fighting with Samsung, it is not going to happen with progressive Apple :-(.

I guess the time of personalized transparent ads everywhere is right around the corner. Soon this scene from Minority Report will become our reality:


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Zocker Zocker # 0 Up Down

I think it would be awesome to prank your friends with that stuff, installing this screen instead of mirror or window glasses. Imagine: your buddy is looking what that pimple just above his left eye-brow is, and them some scary s**t starts yelling at him from inside the mirror. Just what I've been yearning for.

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