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Rim is tripping with its Blackberry line for executives...

To my mind, RIM is struggling with selling its product because it is outdated: from its O/S to the design of the phones to technologies used in the phones. Their operating system is not very touch-screen sensitive. Their biggest selling point (again in my mind) was the ability to type emails and large texts on your phone while on the go on the phone beautiful QWERTY keyboard. But as touch-screen devices' touch recognition becomes more precise hence accurate, less and less people are keened to get a a bulky device with a QWERTY keyboard — that's just not stylish anymore. And this bring me to the next point. Who said that it is O.K. for RIM to produce something that screams UGLY? In fact, if I am given the phone pictured below as an absolutely irreciprocal gift, I still be ashamed to use it in public and even in privacy of my home… Sorry, RIM!

RIM: Blackberry P'9981

Click on the picture to be taken to the developer's website for more information on this phone.

If you actually think this phone is awesome, I won't judge you… after all, this is a phone from the luxury line of Blackberry devices… so to rich its own, I guess.


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