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A perfect electric city-commute car for masses

The Hiriko @ the European Commission

This is MIT pet project that saw the light of day and is promoted by Spain. An electric car with maximum speed of 50 miles-per-hour for as far as 75 miles away, which is fast enough to be used in the cities.

The already existing car-of-the-future will be able to fold to save on parking and way spaces in the cities.

The Hiriko, Concept picture

It was reported that its cost is nearly 17,000$ which is quite affordable, in my opinion. The car should be able to help the cities with congestion of the polluted air… but it doesn't solve pollution problem altogether. With time, however, as renewable energy research and tools advance this type of cars will be become mandatory at least within the city limits. That is the future to be looking forward to!

Need more details, check out the press-kit over here: the HIRIKO electric vehicle.


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Zocker Zocker # 0 Up Down

I think that thjis project is going to be success only of it will be gpvernmentally imposed. Okay, here in Germany, there's plenty of environment freaks who would be totally happy to buy this car if it helps preserving the ecology at least at the level where it is today.
The Americans are a completely different story, however. Can you imagine, say, Los Angeles full of these cars? I know that the Asian cars are becoming increasingly popular in the U.S.A., but they're much more similar to the traditional American concept of the 'muscle car', than these tinies.
Still, I've liked the dea immensely =D

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