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iPad 3 rumors: what it might be like

Rumors about the future Apple's flagship are gaining momentum in anticipation of the Event that is to take place in two days. Some Chinese craftsmen, for example, have shared a video displaying (allegedly) the front and the rear parts of the device. Here is how iPad 3 might look like, enjoy:

Yeah, I don't believe that, too. But the music is cool, isn't it?xD

By the way, do you consider it sensible to buy iPad 2 now, when iPad 3 is on its way, or even after it goes public?


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Vivien_Leigh Vivien_Leigh # 0 Up Down

I'm scared to imagine how much iPad 3 will cost. If iPad 2 got cheaper, I'd be glad to purchase it. No matter that I'm dreaming about the third one)

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