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Active-3D TV glasses is something interesting

Panasonic and Samsung companies gave the green light to their new inventions — active-3D TV glasses. They are: Panasonic TY-ER3D4MU ($55 each), Xpand X104 YOUniversal ($90 each for large blue/black version with RF dongle), Samsung SSG-4100GB ($19 each). You can use them with 2011/2012 Samsung 3D TVs, as well as with 2012 Panasonic 3D TVs. As you can see some of them are quite cheap so you can buy them for all your family and enjoy 3D films sitting on the sofa.


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Anna Anna # 0 Up Down

Before buying glasses we gotta buy one of those 3D TVs. By the way, how much?)
It would be awesome if such glasses worked without special TVs=)

Zecar Zecar # 0 Up Down

I'm foureyes and I don't like everything that is connected to 3D effects as I feel so giddy)

Observer Observer # 0 Up Down

It's still a dream for me to watch 3D films at home because I can't afford to buy such type of TV.

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