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Full-HD Voice

Fraunhofer IIS Presents the World's First Full-HD Voice Calls on Android Phones over LTE at Mobile World Congress 2012

While this is not entirely hardware news, it doesn't quite fit into Software news as well, so here it is. Our old pal, Fraunhofer IIS organization, the main inventor of the, revolutionary at its time, MP3 codec, is about to announce a new technology that will blow your mind. The company claims t... (read more)


Smaller, Cheaper, Better Flash Memory from SanDisk

Samsung's SD Card

World's smallest 128Gb Three-bit Per Cell NAND flash memory chip was announced by SanDisk. The chip is backward compatible with certain product categories that use two-bit per cell NAND flash memory. The price per gigabyte for flash memory in near future will be further decreased due to technology... (read more)


Cryoscope - feel tomorrow's weather today

Useful or waste of your buck — this is something for you to decide, but the concept of this device is pretty awesome. Here it is:


Imagine you get to feel what forecasted (tomorrow's) temperature feels like on your skin? There aren't any practical applications for it, as far as I am concerned, but... (read more)


Oh Hail, the Glassy Future from Corning!

Glassy Teacher

Some of us are anxious to know what the future is going to be like. And here we go, Corning has an answer for all of you who anticipate — it will be everything glass. Glassboards will replace the blackboards; we will see wide-adoption of the smart windows with a tint feature and ability to displ... (read more)


Apple: ranked third among smartphone producers

The fruit corporation now gives way only to Nokia and Samsung, leaving the rest of competition far behind.

In addition, Nokia is continuously losing its market share. Obviously, the Finnish reign has come to the end. In the meantime, Samsung is steadily gaining momentum, which makes it possible t... (read more)


Motorola DROID 4: soon at Verizon

The new smartphone by Motorola, DROID 4, is to be released on February 9.

With a two-year contract the price will be only $199. Among the pros of the device are: a dual-core processor, 4''-screen and a hard-keyboard with enhanced, separate buttons. The smartphone will be equipped with Android 2.3... (read more)


DisMickey and McDisDuck?

Have you heard? The Walt Disney Company have created their own smartphones. Here they are, for girls and for boys:

Credit: Docomo

Both of them will have 4.3'' OLED displays and dual-core processors, and they will feature exclusive games and media by Disney. Kids, the queue's already there!


A perfect electric city-commute car for masses

The Hiriko @ the European Commission

This is MIT pet project that saw the light of day and is promoted by Spain. An electric car with maximum speed of 50 miles-per-hour for as far as 75 miles away, which is fast enough to be used in the cities.

The already existing car-of-the-future will be able to fold to save on parking and way... (read more)


Xbox 720, only about 8 times cooler than Xbox 360!

Xbox 360 qwerty keyboard controller. Some rights reserved by Samuel L. Garmon

There are rumors floating around the Internet that the development of the next-gen Xbox is already at the stage of GPU production. I hardly think so, but I do agree the next Xbox will have BD drive and an improved version of Kinect 2. I doubt Microsoft will do anything radical to the used games,... (read more)


A mouse to be excited about....

Genuis DX-ECOECO-Friendly Battery-Free BlueEye Mouse

For all of you who are still using wireless mice with batteries or accumulators, it is time you look into Genuis' environment-friendlier mouse than what you are currently using. There are no batteries in those little rodents but a built-in gold capacitor with all-day-long charge and life cycle o... (read more)