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Apple, Google's problematic mobile OS updates

One of the recent iOS updates by Apple was met with public outcry as iPhones were draining battery much quicker than before the update was applied. An update to that update seems to have the same problem. Now Google decided to jump on the same bandwagon — a recent update in the form of Android 4.0 (aka ICS or Ice Cream Sandwich) does the same — sucks the battery empty on Nexus line of phones (N... (read more)


Won't help either

Verbatim has presented an ultra-slim bluetooth keyboard called Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard (unexpected for Verbatim, eh?). The novelty is supposed to simplify the life of tablet PC users. It can be connected to iPads, iPhones, Android 3.0 and higher devices and some other less popular gadgets. The... (read more)


Second-hand treasure

Have you ever heard Apple's selling refurbished devices at significantly lower prices?

Here you are. I think that spoils the credit of the giant a bit, but… In any case, it helps those who want but can't :)


Black Friday deals

I hope this article will help you save a couple of hundreds spent on hi-tech devices after Thanksgiving :)

Click here for the article and the most worthwhile deals in the US.


Mom, buy me a ta-ab!

I'm coming up with statistics again. Hope you're not bored with it yet :)

This time let's see which tablets are most desired. Surprisingly, the only Android device able to compete with iPad is (guess what? Right) Amazon Kindle Fire. Even Samsung Galaxy Tab, which was designed to oust the nasty bitt... (read more)


Another smartphone competition

I've just come across another article in which the authors compare the performance of different Android and iOS devices (as different as they can be :) ). The devices were put to various performance tests, and here are some of the results:

1) That's what we see after putting them through a pair o... (read more)


The next Nexus phone is curved?

Only a few moments after Apple's iPhone 4S announcement took place, Samsung launched a video where you can see what the next Google phone might look like — a heavenly curved body of a phone, which makes it NEW, and by default better than iPhone 4 :-) We will know more details on October 11, 2011.

... (read more)


Apple iPhone 4S

The World Smart Phone from Apple will feature:

Colors: White and Black

Capacity (Price with a contract): 16($199), 32 ($299), 64 ($399)

Size and Weight inches / millimeters: h4.5 x w2.31 x d0.37 at 4.9 ounces / h115.2 x w58.6 x d9.3 at 140 grams

Cellular and Wireless: UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA (850, 900,... (read more)