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Change of pace

All the recent hardware news are literally about phones and tablets, but there are other things that can make your life easier save your time, so you get to play with your phone and tablet a little longer.

One of these cool gadgets that will make your life simpler and nicer is Mint Plus Automatic Floor Cleaner… that is if you g... (read more)


Anticipating Google Nexus Prime

According to many rumors, Samsung will be presenting the next Google phone sometimes in October or November at the latest. It will spot 1.5 Ghz processor, 1GB of Ram and 4GB of internal memory, expandable with a microSDHC. It will cost you nearly 750 dollars without a contract.


New era and geniuses

Have always wondered, how geniuses manage to make up something really outstanding. What can become a stimulus for a person to create a real work of art, or invent things able to change the future of the whole world. Take, say, Thomas Edison with his light bulb. He was the person to turn the world ju... (read more)