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iOS 6 and its innovations

We were waiting for it and we were confused a bit. New Apple iOS 6 sprang surprises to its users. The main disappointing thing about it is Maps. I would name it an attempt to create a great location search but it has failed. The 3D views are terrifying. The roads are wavy. You can read about all t... (read more)


The Galaxy in your hand

In spite of all tittle-tattles the Galaxy S III has surpassed 10 million sales in less than two months after going on sale. About 190,000 mobile phones are sold each day and it has reached the figure in less than half the time of its predecessor — the Galaxy S II. And it should be taken into account that there ar... (read more)


Create your Legoland!

I'm sure that everybody loved Lego. It's just the right time to restore it to life!

Google doesn't stop amazing its users. It presents a new project called Build, an app that lets you build Lego structures within Google's browser. There are different types of Lego bricks and you can also choose your ... (read more)


A social network for parents

Parents now has their own social network — 23snaps.

It is the latest ‘private’ social networking app to hit the App Store, for you to “capture, share and cherish every special moment in your children’s lives.” You can share status and updates with your family and best friends. If you're parent or are g... (read more)


Welcome to Facebook App Center

Is there a site with all necessary apps for you? There is. Facebook is launching its new project — App Center where users can find a variety of social apps. It also gives an opportunity for developers to offer unpaid and paid apps, be in touch with the users and their opinions. App Center is directed on iOS... (read more)


Google introduces a new project - Google Drive

April, 24 — Google launched Google Drive, a place where you can keep, create and share everything you want. This app gives an opportunity to work, store and search all your stuff. You can access your stuff from anywhere — on the web, in your home, at the office, while running errands and from all of your devi... (read more)


Finally! Instagram for Android

Oh, you cannot even imagine how long I've been dreaming about this day.

Finally, it has come. Welcome: one of the most popular iOS apps now on Android!

(ICS is certainly supported, don't know anything about the previous versions, sorry. Judging by the photos available on the Internet, another ... (read more)


World Backup Day

You never know what's going to happen on April 1st, right?

Some reddit users thought it would be a good idea to avoid as much destruction as possible :), and suggested establishing the World Backup Day on March 31st in order to secure personal data, such as work documents, photos, videos and mus... (read more)