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Creating websites together with your nurse

It has always been common for small children to do crafts. You know, these clay angels, paper ships and painted wooden spoons for your mom. So why not take a step further and create a website to entertain your elder brother? You will argue, it's all too difficult, web designers have to study for donkey's years to create a more or less serious project. But… nothing of the sort any more!

This week Adobe has released a beta version of Adobe Muse which is supposed to make creating websites as quick and easy as never. It is based on the WYSIWYG principle and unites the best features of the existing company's products. In fact, this application is the first real opportunity to take the mind of designers off such tools as Photoshop, not to mention their complete escaping from coding problems.

Although the beta version still contains a lot of deficiencies, it can be considered a real step up in web design.


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tauri tauri # 0 Up Down

I hope, the app's gonna be right what it's promised to be. So far personally I haven't noticed any special features that could really replace photoshop. Moreover, there are significant problems with styles (for example, there's no opportunity to create a css for the whole website, only for separate pages), which is extremely inconvenient for the creator.

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