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Google everywhere

You know, it seems to me that there are no other IT companies in the world besides Google. The then unobtrusive search engine has now turned into a whole empire that creates software and web products, the scope of which embraces, frankly, everything.

This time the giant has made another step on the way toward the world supremacy and occupied one more niche: remote controlling. The developers created a plug-in for the Chrome browser that allows remote access to another computer through the Chrome browser or a Chromebook. It is entirely cross-platform, meaning it works on any machine that has Google Chrome installed. What is inconvenient, the beta release requires permission for every single access to a computer, but I guess, this is done to better control the program's performance, since the program is still immature and is likely to include numerous security problems (Google likes it, yeah). Well, at least they have begun to warn about it.

In any case, I believe the plug-in is worth trying, at least to make the collection of Google products on your computer complete.


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Insglas Insglas # 0 Up Down

Tell me, when do you think they will get their own private army? =-)

Rangatira Rangatira # 0 Up Down

I love your approach xD Maybe it's high time we registered the new country? :) You know, just to be ahead of the whole world ;)

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