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Microsoft OneNote for Android

Microsoft has decided to enrich the range of their Office applications by including new editions for mobile devices. One of them is the mobile version of MS OneNote. For you to remember: such an application already exists for Windows Phone, iPhone and iPad.

As of lately, all modern mobile devices owners have an oppurtunity to create and edit OneNote notes and lists which are syncronized with the user account in Microsoft SkyDrive. This means that there is an opportunity to access the necessary information literally from every place in the world (of course, if there is the Internet connection).

There are two versions of the application available on the Android Market: the free trial version that supports creation of 500 different notes, and the full one without any restrictions (costing only $5).


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Insglas Insglas # 0 Up Down

That would be awesome, if Mcirosoft called other office programs like OneSpreadsheet or OneDocument, or OneDatabase. Imagine: many OneSpreadsheet spreadsheets, many OneDocument documents, and many OneDatabase databases…

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