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Welcome to Facebook App Center

Is there a site with all necessary apps for you? There is. Facebook is launching its new project — App Center where users can find a variety of social apps. It also gives an opportunity for developers to offer unpaid and paid apps, be in touch with the users and their opinions. App Center is directed on iOS, Android and mobile web apps.


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BookWorm BookWorm # 0 Up Down

Oh, it will be just another software library! There are already too many on the Internet, such as Cnet or Softpedia among the most popular ones,for instance!
This project will certainly bring Facebook profit, but whether it really will be interesting to an ordinary user or not, I have some doubts about that.

Wahr Darty Wahr Darty # 0 Up Down

I suppose the app will be of great use for people who always hang on Facebok. It's convenient to find a program without leaving your account.

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