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Grand Theft Auto V - the most anticipated Rockstar game

In spring 2013 we all are waiting the launch of the 15th game of GTA world. Grand Theft Auto V will be concentrated on „the pursuit of the almighty dollar“. PS and Xbox users will be lucky pioneers of the game because a release for PC hasn't been officially announced yet.

Well, as the developers say, the GTA V's world will be bigger than in GTA San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto IV combined. For the first time there will be three main characters that you can choose during the game play — Michael, Trevor and Franklin, each with his own character, habits and abilities. Your hero will have an opportunity to play different sports, such as yoga, triathlon, tennis, weight lifting and many other.

In October 2012, GTA V being still on the development stage has been awarded Golden Joystick Award in the category 'the most anticipated project'.


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