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OS X Mountain Lion: iMessage

As we all remember, on February 16, Apple released its next-generation operating system — OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, though for developer preview. So, these developers continue revealing mysteries about this new product.

As this operating system includes significantly more mobile features than the ... (read more)


Microsoft OneNote for Android

Microsoft has decided to enrich the range of their Office applications by including new editions for mobile devices. One of them is the mobile version of MS OneNote. For you to remember: such an application already exists for Windows Phone, iPhone and iPad.

As of lately, all modern mobile devices... (read more)


Most popular programming languages

Here you can get acquainted with the list of the most widely used coding languages worldwide.

The rating was traditionally published by Tioba. It includes data on the number of programmers, educational opportunities and the amount of code indexed by search engines.

The next 30 most popular lang... (read more)


Android Market's new guardian

Driven by numerous complaints from users about malicious content in the Android Market, Google has decided to implement its own in-built service of checking if a program can harm the user's device.

This will be carried out by means of the Market itself: a special mechanism called 'Google Bouncer' will check all ... (read more)


Mac OS X update

Today Apple prompted Mac owners to update their operating systems till Mac OS 10.7.3.

The new version features a number of crucial updates, so if you own a Mac, don't ignore the ability to update your system.


Another legendary platformer on PC?

The legendary decomposite creature is back, now on PC.

Ubisoft has announced porting Rayman Origins to personal computers.

The game managed to win millions of hearts (ranging by the age from the elderly to infants) when it was first released for Sony PlayStation. It's been already years since that time, but... (read more)


Pixel Junk in Eden

PC users will finally be able to try PixelJunk Eden, the scandalous platformer, together with several new add-ons.

The most remarkable feature of the new game edition (previously available only on consoles) is that the player will be able to save his progress whenever he wants. Developers say, t... (read more)


Syncing iPhones with Facebook

Vringo has finally announced a Facetones application for iPhone. The software app displays a full screen photo of a user's Facebook friends' picture whenever he or she gets a call. Vringo expects to integrate Facetones with other social networks in the future, including photo sites like Instagram.

... (read more)


Lightroom 4 Public beta's out

Adobe has released a beta version of the designer tool Lightroom.

The new edition of the popular program boasts an improved design and some new features to modify video files. For example, the user can now change contrast and color balance; share their videos with Facebook and Flickr right from th... (read more)