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And the winner i-is...

When I created this community dedicated to Web news, I thought it was going to be the most updated blog out of the three that exist here, but… Nothing of that kind. Today I'd like to amend this oversight and tell you about — unexpectedly… wait for it! — another Google's project. This time the case is

The social network service was launched this summer and is purely designed for ideas exchange. So, if you need to plan your route during a trip to Nebraska, or you fail to make up a slogan for your company, you are welcome to ask for an advice there. This process is organized as a contest: some users express their ideas, you choose the one you like out of them and pay the generator a certain amount of money. Everybody's happy: you have an answer, the winner has the money, what can be better?

You can log in to the website with your Facebook or Twitter account, so why not go and check it out right away? Who knows, maybe you know the right answer :)


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Hehe, not the best place for such an old meanie as me =-)

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