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Facebook allows pseudonims?

Yes, if you provide a scanned copy of your *government-issued, photo ID*.

Weird, don't you think? Even my Internet bank client doesn't have a copy of my pass. Do they need a dozen of blank papers signed at the bottom as well?


Facebook statistics

Infographics Lab have recently published an infographic that contains major statistics of the world's greatest social network. When you look at it first time, it does really seem impressive.

I hope the data can be useful to you, or at least interesting :) To find the embedding code, please visit ... (read more)


Google pays: free Amazon gift certificates for anyone

Google is trying to make up for their controversial privacy policy?

The unprecedented opportunity is waiting for those who agree to install a special add-on for Chrome designed to track all the user activity on the Internet. While Google will get the statistics essential to improve the service, ... (read more)


The Pirate Bay: guilty!

The founders of the previously most popular torrent tracker were found guilty after several years of legal proceedings.

Fredrik Neij, Peter Sunde, Carl Lundström and Gottfrid Svartholm Warg (all of them are the citizens of Sweden) were condemned to from four to twelve months of imprisonment, and were oblige... (read more)


Down with privacy!

Everybody who enters today his Gmail account will understand what I am talking about: the bright pictures and two buttons mark the beginning of a new epoch in our relations with Google.

The corporation has grown really giant, and now it seems to feel free to start laying down its own rules. The n... (read more)


For another portion of rising stars

Most of us dreamt of becoming a film star in the childhood, and you weren't an exception, were you?

YouTube, together with Emirates airlines, gives you yet another chance to make your dream come true. The largest video hosting has announced a competition among the enthusiasts who are willing to fil... (read more)


Wiki joins anti-SOPA blackout

following reddit, WordPress and others.

The SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) is the global initiative by the US authorities (a kind of collision: why global, but by the US?) designed to fight piracy. The act should give the government a right to close any website that is caught infringing copyrig... (read more)


Facebook promises an IPO

Some sources report that Facebook is going to roll out a $10bln-worth IPO in May 2012. To warm up the would-be buyers, the original sources of information speculate that the largest social network's projected profits will increase by a third next year, in comparison to $4 bln in 2011.

Well, in an... (read more)


Getting rid of the impeding burden

Personally I adore Google's tactics. They first open myriads of projects, designed for everything that can hardly come into one's mind, then count costs vs. profits and close those least successful. Today the board has announced another series of spin-offs. In the heat of the moment are such portals... (read more)