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Wahr Darty Wahr Darty #
I really like theme 3 where we can enjoy the back of the beauty holding one's hand in different landscapes. Also we can appreciate various costumes relevant to the scenery)
BlackDragon BlackDragon #
The truth is yours. I guess it would be great to have such a thing at home and meditate upon it in the evenings, changing colors and the result! I would stick to it for hours, I'm sure.
BlackDragon BlackDragon #
I can't call myself a fan of Apple's products, and I think they ask a lot of money for their trademark. I guess it is ossible to find alternatives with similar features for less money. But, I do agree that this Apple TV is an all-in-one thing, that makes life easier.
Nordine Nordine #
I'd love to see such thing at Glastonbury Festival 2013! Would be really great to have photos of me in the crowd grinning from ear to ear. I'm sure I'd be overjoyed when I see Vampire Weekend playing!
P.S. I wouldn't even mind if the ball crushes me to death at this moment! :)