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BlackDragon BlackDragon #
It is awesome.Seems, that one has to be able to print with blind method, in order to work fast with and efficient with the device. Still, the idea is cool. Most of all I enjoyed the part of the video which captured both the depth of the 3D screen and the reality behind it. It is so brain crushing!
BlackDragon BlackDragon #
It is fun. i would definitely try it out first.

Though, another thought came to my mind: There are trees in these farms on the picture, so, logically, there might be space to walk. I wonder, whether this idea was inspired by less trees in the streets of our cities…
BlackDragon BlackDragon #
Pretty cool. I'd love to have one to be able to record important events for building my family chronicles. The main reason for this choice is the ability to join in the fun and record it. Of course, you get a bit different video experience, an unusual one, but your child will be able to see how you've looked at the world. I think this is a very nice invention to enrich your life experience.