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Insglas Insglas #
Anyway, you can't deny the IT-companies can get almost any information about us they want: almost everything is stored nowadays on the Web. The hiccup is that we do want to be popular on the Web, but many of us want to be it only on the Web, strictly setting apart their Internet and real-world identities. Nevertheless, the IT-industry leaves us no chances to do it, because it needs the most accurate personal details of ours they can lay their hands on, in order to tune up their ad services in the most precise way possible. That's how they sacrifice my privacy to the mammon.
tauri tauri #
But in any case, the results of the research are quite amusing, aren't they? Given you're so privacy-concerned, the study couldn't have included your own posts, so you needn't worry, just enjoy ;)
Rangatira Rangatira #
To my mind, they have long lost the credit. Remember that ticklish advertising campaign with the blue arrow on page? I found it somewhat.. yeah, even reproachful for such a big company. Moreover, it didn't help improve the performance that much: around half of the people even in my Circles haven't written anything in the news feed since mid August. Too much expected, too little achieved :(
Insglas Insglas #
I was able to sign up there only after the registration became available for the broader public. Can't but agree with you: Google+ i just so bo-o-o-oring…
To my mind, these guys have the only chance to remain afloat and it is to lure as many popular bloggers from all over the Web as possible. In general, the Google+'s public is (still) more mature and educated than that on Facebook, so such measures will help the network be interesting for its major audience.
Insglas Insglas #
Wow, man, these things are a definite must-have in every bachelor den on this planet. I don't have a spare 300 USD, bu it's high time I had: I hate nothing more than sweeping, hoovering, washing the floors… In a word, all the chores that have to do with the floor.

Hey, I know what I'll ask my friends to buy me on my next birthday!
Insglas Insglas #
I don't see the point of this curvature: okay, this phone is going ti be curved. So what? What use is it to me? So far, I've got the only version: a curved phone follows the rounded features. Am I right?
tauri tauri #
I hope, the app's gonna be right what it's promised to be. So far personally I haven't noticed any special features that could really replace photoshop. Moreover, there are significant problems with styles (for example, there's no opportunity to create a css for the whole website, only for separate pages), which is extremely inconvenient for the creator.