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19 days since Steve Jobs died.

Steve Jobs

20 days since iPhone 4S was introduced.

iPhone 4S

10 years since iPod was introduced.


25 years since Apple was established.

Apple Inc

400 years of evolution from 'methinks' to 'iPhone'.

Jean Lucques Picard


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Is 2+2 = 10?

There is a funny story about a little boy who was asked how much is 2 + 2, and after he answered that it is four, his Mom gave him 4 sweets as a present. Then he sighed: „I wish I'd better answer that 2 + 2 is 10!“

This is perfectly understandable that our kids usually learn to count things on the ... (read more)


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Overwhelming self-confidence rules

In the fight between the two smartphone heavyweights, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt was blunt today about who he thinks is winning.

„Android is ahead of the iPhone now,“ Schmidt declared to an audience of techies and aspiring entrepreneurs at the LeWeb conference here.

He made his statement to a room bursting at the seams with iPhones, iPads, and Macs, and the audience met his words with a moment of silence that implied some skepticism. So Schmidt elaborated on how he was measuring: „unit volume, Ice Cream Sandwich, the price is lower, there are more vendors.“

So… ignorant. By the way, do you know that Jobs' biography has become the best seller on Amazon? D'you still believe Mr. Schmidt? :)


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The Sad Panda

I don't know, that doesn't make that much sense to post it here, 'cause we're primarily about the tech and apps and stuff, but I can't help myself. It's such a cutie… Awww…


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To book weather forecast

Merry Christmas and happy New Year are just about the corner! To put office workers in good spirits and tune them to holidays, has developed a new trick: just type in 'Let it snow' via Chrome or Firefox and… be ready to get snowed and frozen)

If enough, click 'Defrost'.


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Momentous figures

Trumpet fanfare! The grand event occurs: there are 555 million websites in the World Wide Web now. It's nearly twice as many in comparison with the last year's results. The tendency is clear, isn't it?

By the way, do you know that the whole Earth population is immensely huge? To be precise, it's 6.... (read more)


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Mail wars

Another round of the infinite war between Hotmail and Gmail.

'Why Hotmail is better?' (ugh-ugh).

The other point of view expressed two years ago:


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Mind Your Language

The Russian president (that guy with an unpronounceable last name) seems to be a good judge of the colloquial Russian and is not afraid of sharing the constructions he esteemed especially much with his Twitter-followers.

Last night Mr. Medvedev re-twitted one of the former Russian parliament deputi... (read more)