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Blog by Zocker  → 

Mind Your Language

The Russian president (that guy with an unpronounceable last name) seems to be a good judge of the colloquial Russian and is not afraid of sharing the constructions he esteemed especially much with his Twitter-followers.

Last night Mr. Medvedev re-twitted one of the former Russian parliament deputi... (read more)


Blog by Insglas  → 

H.I.V. Positive

I don't know about you but I'm fed up with teddy bears. They're cute, they're cuddly and they remind us of our sweet carefree years as a kid, but they've got one huge downside that outweighs all their positive aspects in my eyes. The teddy bears are commonplace.

In fact, they are so commonplace ... (read more)


Blog by dmitriy  → 

DAMN, The Future You Scarry!

This video rocks as it shows that within the next 2-3 years our AMOLED displays will be virtually unbreakable, reducing the price of the products those screens are used in — lower insurance premiums and so on!


Software  → 

The Galaxy in your hand

In spite of all tittle-tattles the Galaxy S III has surpassed 10 million sales in less than two months after going on sale. About 190,000 mobile phones are sold each day and it has reached the figure in less than half the time of its predecessor — the Galaxy S II. And it should be taken into account that there ar... (read more)


Blog by CrazyMom  → 

To protect your child on the Internet

The more my child grows, the more I have to concern about his safety while being online. Like any normal parent, I get a bit anxious about this issue, especially when considering the fact whether laws can prevent children from viewing explicit material or not. We can't be sure that this is possibl... (read more)


Blog by Insglas  → 

You're Not Alone

I finally don't feel marginalized any more. You know, I used to feel so lonesome: I thought if I expressed my opinion openly, all colleagues woulf think me weird if not mad.


But MG Siegler published his article about his 'app fatigue': he rightly points out there are too many useless or almost useless apps.... (read more)


Blog by BookWorm  → 

Can mirrors talk?

Ladies and Gentlemen!

You are welcome to the next generation of shopping with the assistance of interactive mirrors!

Imagine you enter your favorite store and immediately choose your product from the catalog that meets you at the interactive storefront. Imagine that you no longer need to try o... (read more)


Blog by Zocker  → 

Chrome Rocks!

An epic article has been published on CNet today. Not that it is written in an especially talented way or couldcompete with Shakespeare's in emotional impact it has upon you.

Howbeit, it is epic, because it marks a milestone event in the history of Google Chrome. As a devoted fan of this browser, I knew from the ... (read more)