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Some like it big

Some like it hot. And some like it big =) For those, Huawei is going to create a 6.1-inch smartphone. Just imagine: a 6.1-inch smartphone! The company has announced itself to overrun Samsung Galaxy Note II whose display is about 5.5 inch. The device is stated to exceed all Samsung's features. Well, I hope my arm won't bend be... (read more)


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The next Nexus phone is curved?

Only a few moments after Apple's iPhone 4S announcement took place, Samsung launched a video where you can see what the next Google phone might look like — a heavenly curved body of a phone, which makes it NEW, and by default better than iPhone 4 :-) We will know more details on October 11, 2011.

... (read more)


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A Retro Dock

I like retro. Even more, I love retro. I adore retro. That's why this dock for iPad 2 is a thing I fell in love with as soon as I saw it.

The $85.90 price tag is quite fair for device like this.

Don't know, whether you share my love for old-style things, but this dock is going to find a place on my deskt... (read more)


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Imagine: a cozy cottage, a carpet with light and shadow dancing on it, warmth from a fireplace, a rocking chair, cup of tea and … iPad, which you do not have to hold in your hands. Do you like the picture?

It is becoming possible soon. Micasa Lab in Zurich are developing a chair, called iRock, that can (prepa... (read more)


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The holidays are over, but it doesn't mean the world has turned into a dull routine.

The tech world is completely absorbed in following the annual indicator of tech development: International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012 taking place in Las Vegas.

I expect my colleagues to cover some ... (read more)


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Good Syncing

Just a day after a global blackout of a bunch of the most popular web-sites, one of the biggest Web file storages, Megaupload, was closed down by FBI due to the allegations in copyright infingement.

Megaupload was basically one of those sites on the Web, where you could trouble-free get a couple of nice freebie late... (read more)


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Meet the First 3D Printing Pen!

Like 3D modeling? Or, maybe, dream of your own 3D printer? Now it's not so expensive and technically complex as you may think, as there's a recently released budget- and user-friendly alterntive on the market — the 3Doodler.

The 3Doodler is 3D printing pen...a pen that can draw in the air! Yea, it's not a... (read more)


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Run your home

Imagine a near future when just a single touch on your tablet or smartphone will start your coffee maker, lock your doors, turn on (or off) the lights and open a window.

Or maybe you would use the same gadget to answer the doorbell and talk to a visitor, even if you're half a world away. Or maybe y... (read more)