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Combat Ponies

To be honest, I've never been a fan of Warcraft. This franchise is alright, it has all the components a successful franchise needs: a thrilling (and on the later stages hardly understandale) plot, a huge selection of playable races, cutie orcs, and totally brilliant goblins.

But I don't love it any... (read more)


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At 2012 CES, Sony demonstrated an evidence that our customary touchphones tend to become not only bigger and bigger (as in the case of tablets and smartphones), but smaller as well — for you to stick it into the smallest pocket on your jeans, or to fix it on the wrist.

This ickle, despite its mod... (read more)


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App wants you to share enemies on Facebook

A nice title, isn't it? It is well-known that Facebook has no “Dislike” button, but a new application for this social network encourages Facebook users to list people or things they dislike, then share them with like-minded haters as a way of bonding.

Among the app's most popular “enemies” are very familiar targets: politicians, Justin ... (read more)


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A mouse to be excited about....

Genuis DX-ECOECO-Friendly Battery-Free BlueEye Mouse

For all of you who are still using wireless mice with batteries or accumulators, it is time you look into Genuis' environment-friendlier mouse than what you are currently using. There are no batteries in those little rodents but a built-in gold capacitor with all-day-long charge and life cycle o... (read more)


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Lone Survivor: The Nature of Fear

I could be really into horror games if not for one tiny little thing: they don't scare me. I mean, they don't scare me the way they are supposed to do, scare the pants off of me. The unconvincing atmosphere, excessive blood and gore, commonplace plot twists that you foresaw hours before: all that ha... (read more)


Blog by Anna  → 

The cyber Mafia is all around

Microsoft takes an active part in the fight against cybercrime. Microsoft employees raided two Web hosting companies on Friday. The company seized command and control servers and hundreds of websites used by the cyber Mafia to steal more than $100 million over the past five years. Usually such measures are done by the... (read more)


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A Desktop Tablet?

Toshiba Excite 13

Today I came across an article about Toshiba Excite 13 – a tablet that is bigger than any other – the whole 13 inchies. The first thing I thought about after reading an article was – why so big? To my mind 10 – 11 inches are enough for a tablet. It seems more to be a desktop tablet, than the one t... (read more)


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Steve Jobs at Madame Tussauds

To mark the one-year anniversary of Steve Jobs's death, Madame Tussauds in Hong Kong is making a Steve Jobs wax figure. The figure will be unveiled on September 27. The pose has been inspired from the famous Fortune Magazine cover in 2006.

Just look at the picture: the figure is incredibly detai... (read more)