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How Children React to Old Computers

Time goes forward and the stuff that could seem a breakthrough about 20 years ago now looks hopelessly obsolete. What if today's child faces up the outdated computer Apple II? Just imagine.

Yes, the are absolutely confused about huge machine functioning. And it's not so bad, they have just gro... (read more)


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Yahoo Ending Service for Writing a Last Letter

A rather new and unusual service, Yahoo Ending, has been launched in Japan. It allows its users' information to be spread or deleted after his/her death. The browser history, personal data can be erased from all the social networks, or, in contrary, the subscriber can set the system to send vale... (read more)


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Is iPhone Really 4S?

Who could have foreseen that Apple's servers would be overloaded after the iPhone 4s and iOS 5 sales launch? Not Apple.

Many of the company's new products purchasers in Europe are complaining about problems with updating their operating systems and activation of the newly acquired Cupertino gadgets... (read more)


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Apple's Diplomacy

I'd like to finally pick up on the topic that has been picked up on by almost anybody on the Internet, including my co-bloggers. You've guessed it right: the iOS 6 Maps.

This time, the notorious navigation monstrosity by Apple has outdone itself. It has unintentionally put forward a diplomatic solution for th... (read more)


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Motorola DROID 4: soon at Verizon

The new smartphone by Motorola, DROID 4, is to be released on February 9.

With a two-year contract the price will be only $199. Among the pros of the device are: a dual-core processor, 4''-screen and a hard-keyboard with enhanced, separate buttons. The smartphone will be equipped with Android 2.3... (read more)


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Dear visitors!

We are glad to welcome you in our new blog dedicated to everything connected with software. Here you can discuss anything concerning PC applications and rest assured no word will be left unattended.


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Explore the world with Beeline

Beeline launched a captivating on-line game where you will be exploring Google Street View maps. It is really worth trying, at least not to miss the opportunity to wander about the sunny Lisbon or Chicago streets. The point is that these are not just beautiful graphics, these are REAL places on th... (read more)


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Oh Hail, the Glassy Future from Corning!

Glassy Teacher

Some of us are anxious to know what the future is going to be like. And here we go, Corning has an answer for all of you who anticipate — it will be everything glass. Glassboards will replace the blackboards; we will see wide-adoption of the smart windows with a tint feature and ability to displ... (read more)


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British are c**ts, Google, you say?

Ammy Winehouse

Apparently, Google is now swearing at our young offsprings and they are glad to exploit this bug feature as much as they can while it lasts. Last December when searching to „define: British person“, Google would return that those islanders are all c**ts. This wasn't entirely Google's fault since thei... (read more)


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Cryoscope - feel tomorrow's weather today

Useful or waste of your buck — this is something for you to decide, but the concept of this device is pretty awesome. Here it is:


Imagine you get to feel what forecasted (tomorrow's) temperature feels like on your skin? There aren't any practical applications for it, as far as I am concerned, but... (read more)