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Most popular programming languages

Here you can get acquainted with the list of the most widely used coding languages worldwide.

The rating was traditionally published by Tioba. It includes data on the number of programmers, educational opportunities and the amount of code indexed by search engines.

The next 30 most popular lang... (read more)


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The Duck Manhunt

I'm sure many of you old-timers remember the cult Duck Hunt Nintendo game, where you had to shoot ducks with a plastic guns, delivered separately from the console. Yeah, the one with the annoying laughing dog. As a kid, I had no dream other than killing that bastard; but the gun won't shoot him do... (read more)


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Another legendary platformer on PC?

The legendary decomposite creature is back, now on PC.

Ubisoft has announced porting Rayman Origins to personal computers.

The game managed to win millions of hearts (ranging by the age from the elderly to infants) when it was first released for Sony PlayStation. It's been already years since that time, but... (read more)


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Pixel Junk in Eden

PC users will finally be able to try PixelJunk Eden, the scandalous platformer, together with several new add-ons.

The most remarkable feature of the new game edition (previously available only on consoles) is that the player will be able to save his progress whenever he wants. Developers say, t... (read more)


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Google Play: All in One

Yesterday Google launched a new cloud service that unites such portals as Google Music, Google Videos, Google Books и Android Market, and is designed specially for Android users.

They say, mobile applications to work with the service are on their way and are to be released in the next few days.

... (read more)


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For another portion of rising stars

Most of us dreamt of becoming a film star in the childhood, and you weren't an exception, were you?

YouTube, together with Emirates airlines, gives you yet another chance to make your dream come true. The largest video hosting has announced a competition among the enthusiasts who are willing to fil... (read more)


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Dear friends,

nice to see you here this year, as well!

It's the beginning of the year and it's high time to hatch plans. Apple is a bright instance how to unusually do it ;) There're tons of juicy gossips that the company is going to create… iWatch!

We all know witty jokes about Apple developing smart dev... (read more)