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Hungry for retribution

Have you heard the name of Eolas? If not, I'm not surprised.

Once upon a time (in 1999) a small company called Eolas Technologies stated that it was the first that created the first web browser with plugins. Michael David Doyle, its commander-in-chief, is a cheeky guy who sued Microsoft for steali... (read more)


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Keep in mind if going to Iran

If you're going on a trip to Iran, keep in mind that its access to email services can be limited. That has a lot to do with users of Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo. By the way, Facebook and Twitter could also be blocked. What for? Iran's politics towards national authenticity makes me ill. So, please, reason it ou... (read more)


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Move your hand - control your PC

We've been looking forward to a gesture-controlled app for a long time. That's it, it has happened: there's a program 'Microsoft's Kinect system' able to recognize some sound waves and react to them. The list of motions is not very impressive but still: the application 'understands' scrolling, fast and slow single and double ... (read more)


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Finally! Instagram for Android

Oh, you cannot even imagine how long I've been dreaming about this day.

Finally, it has come. Welcome: one of the most popular iOS apps now on Android!

(ICS is certainly supported, don't know anything about the previous versions, sorry. Judging by the photos available on the Internet, another ... (read more)


Blog by Anna  → 

Google + Rolls Out New Look

Google announced on Wednesday that they are introducung a new version of Google+.

It is said that this is due to the critical piece of this social layer. The redesign is considered to be more functional and flexible. the new version offers profile pages that will include bigger photos, a la Facebook's Timeline, and fea... (read more)


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Why Surface Can Fail

The new tablet by Microsoft has hit the headlines of all major tech media and seems to have sparked a real big hype around the device. The tech journalists have meticulously described all the known features of the new device, the Web is teeming with fotos and hand-ons of the new device. All, in al... (read more)


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Time Out of Joint

We were not just wrong. We were totally, hopelessly wrong. We failed to properly assess the power of time, the unlimited and uncontrollable might that the inexorable element possesses and emanates.

Okay, enough of that trash talk, I couldn't mimic writing skills even if I wanted to. I'm talking abo... (read more)