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A new life for old characters

As I was a little girl, I liked reading adventure books as well as playing adventure platforming games, such as „Ninja Turtles“ or „Duck Stories“. You know, there were a lot of games which we could play on Sega or Nintendo consoles… Maybe, you remember how much fun we had playing „Mario“ or „Tanks“ ... (read more)


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Twitter Hacked... by a Kazakh?

Don't take me for a racist or something of the kind. I just don't know anything about Kazakhstan, except that it is the motherland of Borat, who is actually a nice British comedian, and that… that… And that's it.

But tell me, how on Earth did he manage to make this tweet?

According to experts,... (read more)


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Happy New Year!

Dear friends,

we congratulate you on the coming New Year and wish you all the best. 2011 turned a very interesting, though challenging year for our team. We truly hope you will appreciate our efforts and enjoy staying with us further.

Happy Holiday Season!


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Just tell me, tell me pleae, what on Earth is this thing, and how the guys who have made it have done it? Seriosuly, I'm not that good at programming, and I'm no Facebook-freak, starting to stutter every time I come across some weird stuff that is somehow connected with this site, but it really makes me paran... (read more)


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Taming Facebook?

It looks like this day is Facebook's day. Every single interesting thing I read in tech blogs or come across on the Web has somehow to do with the planet's biggest social network.

This article by Anil Dash is no exception.

The guy essentially maintains the point of view, according to which Zuckerberg and his... (read more)


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The lord of time

One of people's passionate desires is to take control of time. Being the lord of time sounds alluring, doesn't it? Don't bother that it is unrealizable as Richard Conn Henry does Read here.

This distinguished man made offers to change the Gregorian calendar: there would be 30 days in eight month. Every thir... (read more)


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Lightroom 4 Public beta's out

Adobe has released a beta version of the designer tool Lightroom.

The new edition of the popular program boasts an improved design and some new features to modify video files. For example, the user can now change contrast and color balance; share their videos with Facebook and Flickr right from th... (read more)