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Buddy Can Become Your Best Friend

The Blue Frog Robotics company is creating a new robot – Buddy. This small mechanic helper is impressively interactive and can look after your house, your kids, advise recipes, remind of important meetings, control the lights and other connected devices.

Buddy has 16 Gb of integrated memory, Wi... (read more)


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Meet USB Flash Drive with Wi-Fi

SanDisk has revealed a flash drive of new generation which is called Connect Wireless Stick. The main goal is simplifying the process of data exchange among several mobile devices and PCs. The device can hold up to 128Gb of information and has an inserted app for content management.

Connect W... (read more)


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3D-Printer Builds a Bridge in Amsterdam

Have you already heard? I haven't. That's an amazing progress, I suppose! The only thing I know for sure is that I'd like to see it myself and step on it to try and feel it's real. Let's go to Amsterdam?!

You have some time to think over this idea. The MX3D will start building in 2017. The m... (read more)


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Buy Printed Wikipedia for $500,000

Well, once upon a time Michael Mandiberg, one of the chief Wikipedia contributors, decided: I will print it one day. And „when I started, I wondered: What if I took this new thing and made it into that old thing?“ is a website which is going to be used for publishing. It is developed... (read more)


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New and Impressive Oculus Rift Drift Video

The Castrol company announced an unusual advertising clip where Matt Powers, a professional racing driver, drove Roush Stage 3 Mustang on the track using Oculus Rift Development Kit 2.

A group of specialists has been preparing for this 4-minute promo video more than 2 months. They succeeded ... (read more)


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It's Comic Football Time!

Now is the time for fun. The Norwegians made my day today. They made a video for one of their TH shows, where all football players wear special VR headsets. The gadget gives the participants a bird’s-eye view of the field.

I suppose they didn't feel very comfortable at that very moment. It lo... (read more)


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Next Generation Sony Xperia C4 Selfie-Smartphone

Sony launches its novelties — “selfie smartphones” Xperia™ C4 and Xperia C4 Dual. Now you can not only take high-quality 13 MP pictures but also superimpose faces of different people. The front camera if for superb 5MP photos. There is a function of 'stylized' scenes to place your PRO selfies in... (read more)


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Meet Quirky Flex Cam PIC Camera

Meet Quirky Flex Cam PIC Camera

If you like unusual and bright things, you will definitely appreciate Flex Cam PICs. These nice little worms with a lens in the shape of a big eye. Its flexible structure lets you fix the 5MP camera almost anywhere.

The water resistant cover lets you record during 30 minutes under water (1m.... (read more)


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Boiling Hot Water Test for Famous Rivals

Who are those people ready to mercilessly annihilate expensive devices? This time one of Internet users decided to try Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 for boiling water resistance.

Both devices were placed into a frying pan full of boiled water. It was the Apple smartphone who gave up the firs... (read more)