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3D Pen with Cool Ink Technology


Last year the CreoPop company revealed a new 3D-printer in the shape of a pen that uses cool ink to print. This device is unparalleled as only dangerous melting ink technology has been known before.

The gadget consists of special plastic material that contains photopolymers which turn into elastic ... (read more)


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Will it Blend? Re-qualifies

In winter lull comes in portable electronics industry as developers traditionally announce the most interesting novelty releases in spring or in autumn.

The lack of attractive materials causes the lack of new videos from YouTube channels as the owners should think of unusual ways to record s... (read more)


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No Anonymous Video Uploaders Anymore

Next time you are intended to use a GoPro camera, remember that all your actions are as public as TV guys' life. A new research shows that video authors leave biometric tracks which can be instantly identified.

The Jewish students developed an algorithm which lets find the author through camer... (read more)


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Sony Pictures is under Cyber Attack

On November, 24 the Sony Pictures Entertainment company servers went through hack attacks. Hackers got access to a large part of internal studio information such as personal data about 47, 000 employees (salary, insurance information, etc.)

Malefactors even stole movie stars (Angelina Jolie, Sy... (read more)


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Gangnam Style Broke the YouTube Code

Gangnam Style Broke the YouTube Code

The Psy's music video Gangnam Style jumped over the limited views level on YouTube. The popular video streaming web site announced that the code showing views amount would be updated.

„We never thought a video would be watched in numbers greater than a 32-bit integer (=2,147,483,647 views), bu... (read more)


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1,151 Selfie Fans Squeezed in One Picture

The selfie popularity is inexplicable but its furious success is obvious. That's why smartphones and tablets developers support and develop front-facing camera feature releasing respective devices.

The Microsoft company decided to go forward in this sphere and praised its Nokia Lumia 730. The ... (read more)


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The Samsung Company Makes a Sitcom

South Korea is famous for its love to TV sitcoms. Samsung didn't miss an opportunity to tell Korean people about joyful opportunity of being its employee.

The giant technology company called the TV series 'Best Future'. It is all about people who become a part of the company to gain success an... (read more)


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How Children React to Old Computers

Time goes forward and the stuff that could seem a breakthrough about 20 years ago now looks hopelessly obsolete. What if today's child faces up the outdated computer Apple II? Just imagine.

Yes, the are absolutely confused about huge machine functioning. And it's not so bad, they have just gro... (read more)


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LG Sacrifices 2,000 Smartphones

LG tries to help in fighting against Ebolavirus. The electronics developer from Korea announced that the donation for the United Nations is aimed at taking part in controlling the situation.

The devices will be distributed as technical support among medical staff and other people who are invol... (read more)