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Sony Getting Glamorous

The idea of a 'selfie-phone' seems rather ridiculous to me, so I don't even know what to say regarding the upcoming Sony product. They decided to release not only one more model for self-snapping, but even in the form of the bottle of perfume. Meh, it looks way too glamorous, but for sure it will ... (read more)


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ALS, Cold Water and Zuckerberg

You may ask, what's the connection here? Well, don't worry, the founder of the Facebook is fine. He's just participating in the charity campaign together with Satya Nadella, Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Fallon any many other famous guys. The idea is simple: pour a bucket of an ice-cold water on your h... (read more)


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Tree of 40 Fruit

Have you ever dreamed of gathering apples, pears, apricots and, say, plumes, from the same tree? Well, thanks to Sam Van Aken this dream has all chances to come true. He grafts 40 various branches into a single kaleidoscopic tree! The picture of the project looks really impressive: there seems to ... (read more)


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Yahoo Ending Service for Writing a Last Letter

A rather new and unusual service, Yahoo Ending, has been launched in Japan. It allows its users' information to be spread or deleted after his/her death. The browser history, personal data can be erased from all the social networks, or, in contrary, the subscriber can set the system to send vale... (read more)


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A Trip to South Park With Oculus Rift

A group of enthusiasts under the name Tool is developing a virtual version of the small city named South Park. So yes, if you are a fan of adventures of those well-known boys from the legendary animated sitcom, now you get a possibility to walk through the streets where all the events are develo... (read more)


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miCoach: Adidas Introduces its Smart Ball

Adidas has now launched its smart ball for football players. The developers provided this kickable sphere with a lot of motion sensors to track your play data and send it right to your iPhone or iPad. The idea is to help you improve your playing skills by collecting statistics about your trainin... (read more)