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The last week saw astonishing news from Japan, as Toshiba announced their new display with the unprecedented resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. If you haven't uttered an astonished gasp after reading the previous sentence, I'll give you a hint: the resolution of Galaxy Nexus, the highest one among al... (read more)


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Is 2+2 = 10?

There is a funny story about a little boy who was asked how much is 2 + 2, and after he answered that it is four, his Mom gave him 4 sweets as a present. Then he sighed: „I wish I'd better answer that 2 + 2 is 10!“

This is perfectly understandable that our kids usually learn to count things on the ... (read more)


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U Can't Touch This

The was one nice kinky spot at Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. It was… Guess who?

MC Hammer!

Stay calm. This guy is not going to advertise his new pants fashion line. His intention is to enter the search business with a new search engine, called Wiredoo: details here.

Looks like he's got a bad taste for names, as well.


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Business as Usual

„The Data Frame“: that was the motto of Web 2.0 Summit that ended yesterday in San Francisco.

The Big Shots, heads of almost all biggest IT-monsters in the world, gathered at the Palace Hotel of Fog City to discuss the latest trends of the industry, condemn the rivals' failures, and brag about their own success... (read more)


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I Am i'm, Therefore I'm a Watch

Generally, I don't follow any ad links I see in my web-browser window. If I do follow one, though, it must be something really extraordinary or, at least, bloody interesting and intriguing.

This morning I saw such an ad: it was a picture of a watch, called „i'm Watch“. What I liked was that the mar... (read more)


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Is iPhone Really 4S?

Who could have foreseen that Apple's servers would be overloaded after the iPhone 4s and iOS 5 sales launch? Not Apple.

Many of the company's new products purchasers in Europe are complaining about problems with updating their operating systems and activation of the newly acquired Cupertino gadgets... (read more)


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With the Head in the Cloud

BlackBerry has been going downhill for quite a long time already. Ten years ago a BlackBerry devices were a cult: possessing one automatically promoted you to the rank of the most genteel. And who buys BlackBerry today? Right, nobody. Or almost nobody.

Such rapid downfall of the erstwhile market le... (read more)


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The State Trojan

That's a nice story, I must say.

It turned out that the government of one of the German states has been spying on its citizens' computers. Well, not the computers of all citizens, just of those who 'seemed suspicious' to the officials.

These guys had malicious software implanted onto the machines of the suspects'. The program ... (read more)