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Blog by BlackDragon  → 

A Nanny for a Driver

Be Attentive and Save Lives

Are you attentive on the road? Do you look straight ahead? If you have a habit of watching the sides instead of the way ahead there is a car nanny created for you. The smart device tracks the direction of your look and reminds you of driving your car carefully and keeping attention on the traffi... (read more)


Blog by Vivien_Leigh  → 

Google self-driving trucks

You've probably heard that the Google self-driving car came true!

The first really driverless car — a sensor-equipped Volkswagen Passat — was tested in Nevada in 2011. I suppose you're counting how many pedestrians the car knocked down) Get pleasently surprised: none!

There's a Velodyne 64-beam las... (read more)


Blog by Thomas  → 

Google's new product: CHROMECAST

Google has surprised people in a pleasant way, fortunately, and announced a new product called Chromecast a couple of weeks ago. It came unexpected because Google somehow managed to keep it a secret during all stages of product development.

CHROMECAST is priced at 35$ which most people considered fairly cheap since the functionality... (read more)


Blog by Zecar  → 

A must-not!

You know, every day there're more and more apps born. Some of them are really helpful: to learn some news, stay connected with friends for free, play nice games, and so on and so forth. But we all meet programs which aim is hidden in the mist of history.

Of course, you can defend them: they're ju... (read more)


Blog by Zecar  → 

Marauder's Map

Are there any people who haven't read Harry Potter? Hardly. So I think you'll remember a marauder's map. It's a magic map that allows Harry and his friends to keep an eye on other characters walking in the castle.

Now this Maradeur's Map has seen the light!

Actually, it's a network of digital cameras able to... (read more)


Blog by BlackDragon  → 

So Many, So Smart, So Important?

Old Apple Rivals with New Toys

As you may know the beginning of may was full of rumors about Apple's smart watch development, followed by the official announcement by Samsung about their own development process. At the same time we may read about other, not so well-known, developers, that work in the same field as well.

Ha... (read more)