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A must-not!

You know, every day there're more and more apps born. Some of them are really helpful: to learn some news, stay connected with friends for free, play nice games, and so on and so forth. But we all meet programs which aim is hidden in the mist of history.

Of course, you can defend them: they're ju... (read more)


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Marauder's Map

Are there any people who haven't read Harry Potter? Hardly. So I think you'll remember a marauder's map. It's a magic map that allows Harry and his friends to keep an eye on other characters walking in the castle.

Now this Maradeur's Map has seen the light!

Actually, it's a network of digital cameras able to... (read more)


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So Many, So Smart, So Important?

Old Apple Rivals with New Toys

As you may know the beginning of may was full of rumors about Apple's smart watch development, followed by the official announcement by Samsung about their own development process. At the same time we may read about other, not so well-known, developers, that work in the same field as well.

Ha... (read more)


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A Pretty Strange Ice

Ice That Doesn't Melt

Wandering around the Internet I came across a funny device...not so digitally technical, but it attracts attention. So, excuse me of mentioning it here, as I can't but share my experience with you.

Do you like marshmellows? I guess, I will be right saying, that many of you do! Now Imagine th... (read more)


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The First Smartphone with Liquid Cooling

If you can admit you're a real smartphone nerd, you're most likely to have your smart device feel too hot quite often. Then, a liquid-cooling system is what will definitely stand you in good stead.

While we used to hear only about cooling systems for computers, having one inside a phone seems ... (read more)