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Blog by BlackDragon  → 

A Pretty Strange Ice

Ice That Doesn't Melt

Wandering around the Internet I came across a funny device...not so digitally technical, but it attracts attention. So, excuse me of mentioning it here, as I can't but share my experience with you.

Do you like marshmellows? I guess, I will be right saying, that many of you do! Now Imagine th... (read more)


Blog by ChoCCy  → 

The First Smartphone with Liquid Cooling

If you can admit you're a real smartphone nerd, you're most likely to have your smart device feel too hot quite often. Then, a liquid-cooling system is what will definitely stand you in good stead.

While we used to hear only about cooling systems for computers, having one inside a phone seems ... (read more)


Blog by Vivien_Leigh  → 

Your tech sins

We all have habits: some can be quite irritating for others, some are really unhealthy for us themselves and our gadgets, as well. Here's its curious list of tech sins and their solutions.

They are mostly related to hygiene and, indeed, extremely simple to follow. E.g. why not to clean the device muc... (read more)


Blog by Zecar  → 

Long live Windows XP!

Windows XP seems to have a bit short but bright history: released twelve years ago in 2001, it's going to end up in April, 2014. It was a sure-fire hit! All users must have gone through it. But now the end comes as the OS is stated to be underpowered.

Actually, the operating system won't be completely d... (read more)


Blog by Anna  → 

Twitter Created a Music App

The application is, unfortunately, available only for iPhone users via Apple's iTunes App Store and for Google. Although Android users shouldn't feel excluded, as soon the app will be ready for this platform as well.

So, Twitter's new app will help users find music according to artists and bands... (read more)


Blog by BlackDragon  → 

Music Evolution Told in 4 Minutes

The Way The Music Has Evolved

Have you ever noticed that each epoch has its own technology, life peculiarities, music and possibilities. The melodies reflect our lifestyle and, thus, the amount of electronic music we face today can be counted as a marker of the digital era we live in. Even though the video I was impressed by... (read more)


Blog by Wahr Darty  → 

From Microsoft with love

Microsoft Corporation knows much about fashion. E.g. it appears to be well aware that bright colours are in vogue now. The best proves are the photos of the new devices of the Surface family: the smartwatch and keyboard.