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Blog by tauri  → 

The stories of success

Around the world by bike, a dog's account, food pictures on your plate...The list of what you can create on Instagram.

This photo-sharing social net broadened our horizons unspeakable. And here are some stories of great success its users.

1. Once upon a time Rob Lutter left his job and decided to trav... (read more)


Blog by BookWorm  → 

Non-stop gaming

Hey boys and girls!

You wanna have fun and exciting game experience? Then don't miss the Project Fiona — a gaming tablet with integrated dual game controllers. Just consider the picture above to better understand how it looks like. It seems to be handy, isn't it? What's more? Core i7 processor and Windows 8... (read more)


Blog by BlackDragon  → 

Unusual Liquid

An Easy Toy

Have you ever heard about ferromagnetic fluid? In case you didn't, I'll mention that this is a liquid made of oil and iron (if put simple), that respond to magnetic field. Scince I've descovered the existance of this thing, I want to see it live and have some experiments with it. Until then it s... (read more)


Blog by Zecar  → 

Watch Apple TV!

Apple TV seems to be the real treasure and it appears to replace some gadgets!

With it, you can enjoy 1080p HD films (of course, paid in most cases), search movies by titles and genres, purchase favourite shows or soap operas, play content from YouTube and many other sites, transfer everything from you... (read more)


Blog by Alexa  → 

Entertain the crowd with...a ball!

How to entertain thousands of Music Festival participants and create a really festive atmosphere? To throw the ball to the crowd! Jokes aside.

HP company ball is provided with HD-camera and Wi-Fi. The pics with joyful faces are sent to the brand page on Facebook, where any participant can find and ... (read more)


Blog by Wahr Darty  → 

Spoil your pics!

Everybody has a friend that always spoils photos — that's a fact. Now you can do it on your own by adding emoticons. Sure, someone may like this project but I'm personally fed up with this expression of feelings in the picture.

In my humble opinion, it was a very nice photo before adding emoticons. It's ... (read more)


Blog by Alexa  → 

Google Nose. Taste the world in 4D!

A pnenominal break-through from Google! Being in a beta-stage a search by smell lets you find any object basing on its scent in a huge database with the help of a special mechanism. You can not only smell an object you search but also share this aroma with your friend! Hope it will be a pleasant one:)

Moreover, y... (read more)


Blog by BlackDragon  → 

Do You Want to Fly a Dragonfly?

A Dragonfly to Fly

Remember your childhood, did you like toys? Of course, you did! And don't even try to dissuade me from this belief. There is always a child within us, open to new meetings and ideas. Only one thing changed – the type of toys.

So, let me introduce you a mechanism, which may take and hold your a... (read more)