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When I Grow Up

The good old days of my childhood have long passed. Unfortunately. We dreamt a lot when we were children and sometimes I'm sorry that I didn't realize my goals. Well...stop feeling nostalgic. The Academy wants to offer you a very nice and cute film, very short and very kind. And may be for most of us it will... (read more)


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Visit a Google Data Center

Google is a giant corporation. It seems that any person knows about its existance. But where is the heart of it? The answer is in North Carolina, this city has become the home of a Google data center which enables the company to index 20 billion web pages a day. To cope with more than 3 billion dail... (read more)


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Glass Art Wonders

Glass wonders

I am always surprised what a man can do with a couple of instruments and mastery. It like magic to me, when it touches upon working with glass. I would never imagine that such detailed and complicated parts of our body could be created out of this fragile material. The most awesome thing here, to ... (read more)


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Facebook and narcissism

Do you have lots of Facebook friends and very often update your status? Congrats! A new study by Western Illinois University suggests that you may be a narcissist. Thus, this study showed a link between the number of Facebook friends you have and how active you are on the site to the likelihood of b... (read more)


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Twitter Hacked... by a Kazakh?

Don't take me for a racist or something of the kind. I just don't know anything about Kazakhstan, except that it is the motherland of Borat, who is actually a nice British comedian, and that… that… And that's it.

But tell me, how on Earth did he manage to make this tweet?

According to experts,... (read more)


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Some nice story

A friend in need is a friend indeed, aren't they?

We can think up different categories of friends: trusted and intimate chaps, pleasant people to deal with, perfect drinking companions, sweetheart colleagues, chums for chatting, pals-that-you-dislike-at-heart-but-you-should-be-polite-to-them and so on and so forth. Sure, the list can be everla... (read more)