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Blog by Zocker  → 

Jellyfish out of Light

This video has won the 'German Web-Video 2012' contest in the art nomination.

This is one of the most awesome videos I've ever seen on YouTube. The creativity of these Cologne guys really deserves a little bit of appreciation.


Blog by ChoCCy  → 

Magic Photoshop

If you're a fan of Chinese food, you shouldn't watch this parody of Photoshop tutorial.

For sure, you have ever come across any unnaturally colored photos depicting “appetizing” food. They are always displayed in the menus or on the walls of restaurants. In America it is Chinese cuisine that always applies these Photoshop... (read more)


Blog by Wahr Darty  → 

Some nice story

A friend in need is a friend indeed, aren't they?

We can think up different categories of friends: trusted and intimate chaps, pleasant people to deal with, perfect drinking companions, sweetheart colleagues, chums for chatting, pals-that-you-dislike-at-heart-but-you-should-be-polite-to-them and so on and so forth. Sure, the list can be everla... (read more)


Blog by tauri  → 

When I Grow Up

The good old days of my childhood have long passed. Unfortunately. We dreamt a lot when we were children and sometimes I'm sorry that I didn't realize my goals. Well...stop feeling nostalgic. The Academy wants to offer you a very nice and cute film, very short and very kind. And may be for most of us it will... (read more)


Blog by Anna  → 

Fresh Paint for Windows 8

Fresh Paint is an outstanding application that simulates oil on canvas. With it you may draw on the screen with your finger. Users can use four different brushes and a color palette. What makes this app a special one is that your brushstrokes appear as if you're painting with oil on a textured canvas. And, ser... (read more)


Blog by BookWorm  → 

Specially for book lovers

How hard it is now to come up with something new in any of the spheres. Indeed, in principle, all human needs are satisfied by 100%. To get the buyer, the producers are thinking not only about how to improve the quality, but also how to „hook“ a possible buyer; and this is where the invaluable wor... (read more)


Blog by Zocker  → 

Mitt Ming

Well, I'm not very keen on politics and stuff, but here's what I have found out on the Web.

Don't you find they look similar, too?


Blog by ChoCCy  → 

Samsung Smartphones with Flexible Displays

Have you ever dreamed of a smartphone with a flexible display? Nevertheless, it might be just the first half of next year when you will have a chance to buy a smartphone with a flexible, bendable, practically unbreakable display.

It is Samsung Display Co., that is increasing its effort in th... (read more)