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Blog by BlackDragon  → 



Imagine: a cozy cottage, a carpet with light and shadow dancing on it, warmth from a fireplace, a rocking chair, cup of tea and … iPad, which you do not have to hold in your hands. Do you like the picture?

It is becoming possible soon. Micasa Lab in Zurich are developing a chair, called iRock, that can (prepa... (read more)


Blog by Zocker  → 

Lots Of Love

The facepalm is one of those gestures that feel appropriate when it comes to politics. When it comes to the British politics, the facepalm start feeling even more appropriate. And when I heard about David Cameron's goof, I really risked breaking my own nose with my hand rapidly approaching my face... (read more)


Blog by BlackDragon  → 

Firefox OS is to Come to Life

Mozilla's OS Will Use the Firefox Brand

Mozilla is planning to blow out an OS for mobile devices which will use the Firefox brand. It is said to be based on HTML5 and to be fully open. The first phones with this Firefox OS are to come to life in 2013 in Brazil.

Mozilla got the support and backing from the leading operators (Deutsche... (read more)


Blog by Anna  → 

A Bamboo Phone

ADzero promised to release a phone made from organic bamboo (yes, bamboo in the literal sense). It has 16 GBs of storage as well as an 8-megapixel camera with a shadow-minimizing feature. It will run on Android Ice Cream Sandwich and has a 1.4 GHz Samsung Exynos quad-core processor. Frankly, bamboo is bec... (read more)


Blog by Wahr Darty  → 

Touching concern or self-interest?

It's announced that Facebook is working hard to allow kids under thirteen to create accounts that can be monitored by parents. Soon it'll be up to parents to select friends and applications for their dear child.

We will remind you that now it's prohibited for adolescents to log in Facebook. Howe... (read more)