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Facebook enables Timeline for pages

Facebook has announced that on March 30 all the product or business pages will feature the new layout called TimeLine. We have already seen it on personal pages; now it's businesses' turn.

You can turn it on right now in your page's preferences, or wait until the end of the month, when your old p... (read more)


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Welcome to Facebook App Center

Is there a site with all necessary apps for you? There is. Facebook is launching its new project — App Center where users can find a variety of social apps. It also gives an opportunity for developers to offer unpaid and paid apps, be in touch with the users and their opinions. App Center is directed on iOS... (read more)


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Facebook involved in ACLU lawsuit

In early 2011 R.S. posted a comment, while at home, on her Facebook page about her dislike of a school staff member. The school learned about the comment, and R.S. received a detention and was forced to write an apology to the staff member. She was disciplined again when she cursed on her Facebook... (read more)


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The New and Improved SimCity '5' in 2013!

Finally, there is something to look forward in 2013 (I mean this is besides the alleged the end of our civilization). Maxis has announced the release of the ever popular SimCity sometime in 2013. Check out the youtube's trailer video. It looks so awesome, I wanna play NOW!


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Cute Gunk

Tel me, how on Earth can a talk about ear and eye gunk be so engrossing for a man's heart?

Honestly, I've never seen such a cute description of the excreta, produced by the organs on our head.

This video of an all-American blue-eyed blondie, fluently chatting in Mandarin Chinese (the whole situati... (read more)


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OS X Mountain Lion: iMessage

As we all remember, on February 16, Apple released its next-generation operating system — OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, though for developer preview. So, these developers continue revealing mysteries about this new product.

As this operating system includes significantly more mobile features than the ... (read more)


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Wiki joins anti-SOPA blackout

following reddit, WordPress and others.

The SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) is the global initiative by the US authorities (a kind of collision: why global, but by the US?) designed to fight piracy. The act should give the government a right to close any website that is caught infringing copyrig... (read more)


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The holidays are over, but it doesn't mean the world has turned into a dull routine.

The tech world is completely absorbed in following the annual indicator of tech development: International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012 taking place in Las Vegas.

I expect my colleagues to cover some ... (read more)


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A New O!

Opera mini 7

Being a non-android telephone user, I was pleasantly surprised to see the announcement of new Opera Mini for “ordinary” phones, so to say. The first thing I did – deleted the old version (which I didn't like) and installed a new one.

Having started it for the first time I enjoyed the changes. Frankly s... (read more)