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Blog by BookWorm  → 

Amazing Nokia Lift

Surprisingly funny advertising campaign Nokia Russia has just launched in order to promote Lumnia series. They decided to make a boring elevator amazing just by adding half-naked women, cops, and Angry Birds puppets. The visitors of Nokia office might have been shocked and even frightened by the cra... (read more)


Blog by Zocker  → 

Lone Survivor: The Nature of Fear

I could be really into horror games if not for one tiny little thing: they don't scare me. I mean, they don't scare me the way they are supposed to do, scare the pants off of me. The unconvincing atmosphere, excessive blood and gore, commonplace plot twists that you foresaw hours before: all that ha... (read more)


Blog by Insglas  → 

Self-Help for Game Villains

The ultimate frustration… The ultimate frustration is when you do the same work, day after day, month after month, and you've been doing it for more than thirty years only to eventually fail each time. The ultimate frustration: these words describe the life of a game villain best.

He's destined t... (read more)


Blog by Zocker  → 

Apple Shipping iPad 3 to the USA?

After a two-week revel spree in a nice company of friends I finally got to the computer and checked whether there have been around any new interesing pieces of tech news. Nah, there haven't.

Oh wait, not quite so! Actually, there was one report that captured my attention: the latest rumours about... (read more)


Blog by ChoCCy  → 

Create you own masterpiece with Silk

Willing to participate in any creative process? What about generative art? If it has aroused your interest, I guess, you'll love a new Web application – Silk. Using it, you have all chances to create a real masterpiece. Draw psychedelic, silk-like patterns across your screen in a variety of colors a... (read more)


Blog by Wahr Darty  → 

Touching concern or self-interest?

It's announced that Facebook is working hard to allow kids under thirteen to create accounts that can be monitored by parents. Soon it'll be up to parents to select friends and applications for their dear child.

We will remind you that now it's prohibited for adolescents to log in Facebook. Howe... (read more)


Blog by Zocker  → 

Bird Is the Word

My day has been saved twice. Apple was not alone in its desire to liven up the dull tech news landscape: the YouTube user eeplox came to help with his story about the Rumblefish record company claiming bird singing is their exclusive intellectual property. Just read and enjoy.


Blog by Anna  → 

App wants you to share enemies on Facebook

A nice title, isn't it? It is well-known that Facebook has no “Dislike” button, but a new application for this social network encourages Facebook users to list people or things they dislike, then share them with like-minded haters as a way of bonding.

Among the app's most popular “enemies” are very familiar targets: politicians, Justin ... (read more)


Blog by ChoCCy  → 

Slap me, if I visit Facebook!

Well, all Facebook addicts, you should be on the any moment you can get a slap across your face!

By the way, Maneesh Sethi is slapped in the face every time, when he wastes his time, staring at Facebook or Reddit pages. Willing to brake away from this “bad habit”, he has hired a girl, that now ... (read more)


Blog by tauri  → 

Google+ hints

I've come across a nice (though quite old) infographic that explains how to format your text, or jump to another stream in Google+. Maybe it will come in handy for some of you, who knows :) Just in case: