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Steve Jobs at Madame Tussauds

To mark the one-year anniversary of Steve Jobs's death, Madame Tussauds in Hong Kong is making a Steve Jobs wax figure. The figure will be unveiled on September 27. The pose has been inspired from the famous Fortune Magazine cover in 2006.

Just look at the picture: the figure is incredibly detai... (read more)


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Magic Photoshop

If you're a fan of Chinese food, you shouldn't watch this parody of Photoshop tutorial.

For sure, you have ever come across any unnaturally colored photos depicting “appetizing” food. They are always displayed in the menus or on the walls of restaurants. In America it is Chinese cuisine that always applies these Photoshop... (read more)


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iMac Aquarium

Ever wonder what happened to all those G3 iMacs from the dot-com era? An enterprising Nebraskan has a brilliant idea: turn 'em into personal aquariums.

Jake Harms, a 28-year-old in Omaha, Neb., first got the idea when the office where he worked wanted to toss a defunct iMac. He brought it home and ... (read more)


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Meet the First 3D Printing Pen!

Like 3D modeling? Or, maybe, dream of your own 3D printer? Now it's not so expensive and technically complex as you may think, as there's a recently released budget- and user-friendly alterntive on the market — the 3Doodler.

The 3Doodler is 3D printing pen...a pen that can draw in the air! Yea, it's not a... (read more)