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How to become popular on Facebook!

Would you like to become popular? At least on Facebook. Here are 14 ways to make your posts more actual and visual in the news feed of your friends and fans! The result: plenty of so cherished likes!

Eplore it carefully and thoughtfully!

For those who are not yet satisfied, here is one more source! Good luck!


Entertain the crowd with...a ball!

How to entertain thousands of Music Festival participants and create a really festive atmosphere? To throw the ball to the crowd! Jokes aside.

HP company ball is provided with HD-camera and Wi-Fi. The pics with joyful faces are sent to the brand page on Facebook, where any participant can find and ... (read more)


Google Nose. Taste the world in 4D!

A pnenominal break-through from Google! Being in a beta-stage a search by smell lets you find any object basing on its scent in a huge database with the help of a special mechanism. You can not only smell an object you search but also share this aroma with your friend! Hope it will be a pleasant one:)

Moreover, y... (read more)


Mobiles outnumber people?!

Did you know that mobiles outnumber people? Just imagine that iPhone sales outpace births?Fancy that more people own a mobile then own a toothbrush! Some people do not practice proper hygiene but a mobile is a must have for them. It means that iPhone sales also outpace toothbrush sales=)

Check out ... (read more)


What to expect next?

Now we can not only follow a man's evolution, but also see in full measure communication evolution from ritual drums until the first tweet!

Go ahead!

What to expect next?


Breathe easy! A great problem has been solved!

A producer of widely known sandwich cookies 'Oreo' at last found the solution to the greatest universal problem: how to separate the cookies from creme. No more worries! A machine was invented that will do the hard work for you. Have a look! This video gathered more then 2 million views for some wee... (read more)


Pass the test and win Iphone 5!

Do you want to win Apple iPhone 5? Then try passing the test created by Norwegian School of Creative Studies. This school prepares people for a number of professions within the creative industries. The test is not only a good way of advertising the school and attracting new students, but also amusin... (read more)


SpaceTop 3D. The monitor of the future.

Following Touchpad screens there go 3D ones! The witness of it is SpaceTop 3D transparent desktop. In front of this monitor you can work with all the files in 3D-space. In other words, this super-duper device allows users actually „reach into“ their computer, and move files and data with their hands... (read more)


Two in one! Here comes YotaPhone!

If you think that there is nothing cooler than IPhone, you didn't hear of a new YotaPhone then! A novelty with two...displays (a fully colored and a black and white one), which can both work as a modern smartphone and as an electronic book. Such a division considerably prolongs the life of the batte... (read more)