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Google glass is real

Google Glass in no longer a fairy tale.

The first mention and the last official video was intended more for its functionality representation. As for the new one, it is already a piece of cut-aways from the real lives of those who had a great chance to wear these super-gadget! Now there is even information ava... (read more)


What do you think about our economy, sonnie?

Tokyo Newspaper found the way to broaden their number of readers by means of! They created a new app for iPhone that allows to change a political discussion into kids'story just by pointing the device at the article in Tokyo Newspaper. Clarifying commentaries by a funny animated character,... (read more)


Click and Drag

What things in the world marketing specialists have to think of to stand out in the crowd on the market? Wrangler Company — a famous clothes brand, decided to present a new on-line collection in an original way. As opposed to the market specialists’ intentions, I had no notice of the actually advert... (read more)


Singing toilets

How to jazz an unpleasant part of the festival? There is an idea! For example, to make colorful musical port-o-lets, which play various music when they are occupied.

That was the way the managers of one Argentinian festival decided to surprise its visitors by making the potties a place of interest.... (read more)


Lie detector. Washington Post edition.

Politicians lie, everybody knows. And some of them are so savvy, that even their mimics doesn't give it away. Washington Post found the way out. They launched a TruthTellerApp, which automatically transcripts a politician speech and checks the stated facts with the official published data.

The app in considered... (read more)


Shop on-line with 'Size:You'!

On-line shopping is becoming more and more popular because of its convenience. It is so exciting to browse multiple catalogues of clothing items and ordering them, looking forward to its coming to your place...But it is so disappointing when the item suddenly doesn't fit you. To me, that is the ma... (read more)


Design your interior at home with Ikea!

At last Ikea created an app, that should have existed long time ago. In IKEA NOW you can now test fit any item from the catalogue with your interior and order it on the spot if it suits your environment well. That is exactly the way the shopping should be in the 21st century!

The app presents a simple us... (read more)


Fast food wants to be healthy

Considering the fact that now people are aware of unhealthy eating circumstances, and that healthy lifestyle propaganda is actively conducted, which in its first turn, means avoiding chips and hamburgers; widely-known as a Fast Food King McDonald’s decided to recover its image and convince us of t... (read more)


Let the robot go to school instead of you!

The development of science is going to make waves to kids who sometimes eats snow with a hope to catch a cold and stay at home to play their adorable computer games.

Verison suggested that a pupil has a fantastic possibility to be present at school even if he/she is ill… remotely. And it is not a commo... (read more)


Create your own meme!

Do you know what meme is? For the ones uninitiated, I will explain, peeping in to Wikipedia:). Meme is an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. What we are actually interested in is an Internet meme. So, paraphrasing a bit, meme is a concept that spreads from... (read more)