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Augmented reality at your home!

Microsoft thought of the way to wipe the boundary between the TV screen and the reality at home. The answer is here: Kinect, multimedia projector and no special effects required! Kinect camera scans the room you are in, and the projector lets the picture spread onto the surrounding things, thus cont... (read more)


No more 'Blue are the hills that are far from us'!

Google created a new location-based app, which sends to your smartphone push-up notifications, in case you pass by an interesting or mysterious place, and suggests you to go to seek for adventures in the vicinity of your home or office. The app is available only for Android for a while. Coming soo... (read more)


Mini printer! Salute with cheers!

Children adore playing with miniature versions of real things: mini-cars, mini dolls in mini houses with household implements. It appears to be that adults also like them equally or maybe even greater. British design studio BERG Cloud created a little thermal printer, which prints little papers with the mos... (read more)


Look before you eat

Wanna make a good choice at restaurant and hesitate? For you not to get disappointed with your dish choice now you can see with your own eyes what you are going to order. Comodo restaurant is the first to introduce a so-called Instragram menu, which is, essentially, a photo collection with a special hasht... (read more)


Hate waiting for the bus?

Long boring waiting for the bus… Who likes it? The project named Bus Stop Derby stopped such useless pastime! The project consisted in 20 bus stops equipped with 72-inch sensor displays, with the help of which one can play casual games. The player got the result scores in each game but not in his/her personal acc... (read more)


You mind can be controlled with a …helmet!

Do you remember the film ‘Inception’ with Leonardo Di Caprio starred? In this film he plays the role of an industrial spy who is hired to plant an idea in the mind of a businessman by one of his rivals. There Di Caprio's hero can make one dream within one's dreams in such a way that he/she is unable... (read more)


Explore the world with Beeline

Beeline launched a captivating on-line game where you will be exploring Google Street View maps. It is really worth trying, at least not to miss the opportunity to wander about the sunny Lisbon or Chicago streets. The point is that these are not just beautiful graphics, these are REAL places on th... (read more)


Throughout 2012 with Google

Google has gathered all the prominent events throughout the year 2012 in one video and got almost 1.5 million views per day immediately. So many events ocсured, both sad and happy, smile-provoking and making you shed the tears! Surely, there is something to remember! Here goes, the Zeitgeist 2012:

... (read more)


Let's play the sculls!

Did you know that there is such a holiday celebrated mainly in Mexico as the day of the Dead? On this day friends and family members gather to commemorate people who are no longer with them. It is celebrated on November 1 and 2.

The similar Catholic holidays are All Saints' Day and All Souls' Da... (read more)


Give me a lift, Dog!

Dogs are known to be trainable… To sit, to lie, to bring things to its Master and even...TO DRIVE A CAR!!! A Mini Cooper Countryman, has been modified to make all the car control equipment reachable with the paws:) to be suitable for a dog to drive. Surely, the trainer is always beside, and the dog ... (read more)