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Help the girl get rid of the peels!

Nowadays no one can be surprised by advertising billboards with twinkling changing pictures or captivating videos reels. The company advertising a hydrating cream made a step out of the crowd by showing a great deal of creativity in making an usual advertising billboard. There a girl's face is cover... (read more)


Internet Explorer sucks… less

Internet Explorer made an unusual self-ironic advertising company of itself. There a guy – a typical fierce rival of IE, trolls the ill-starred browser, as usual making gags, like 'IE is useful only for downloading other browsers'.

The arguments back about useful current developments and improvemen... (read more)


Make shopping easier!

The topic of virtual fitting rooms was touched upon recently in the post 'Can mirrors talk?'

What if you could have such a virtual fitting room at home? You wouldn't have to queue and would be hidden from the eyes of other customers waiting impatiently for their turn.

Here you can try on the clothes of certain brands ... (read more)


We are going to be saved!

The Doomsday is getting closer and closer. According to the Mayan calendar, it is going to happen on the 21th of December.

The main hero of the game from Old Spice is the ONE who can save the world and prolong the calendar of the ancient Mayan civilization. He has only four and a half weeks to c... (read more)


Smile at sad things ;)

Australian tube launched the best advertising campaign ever with the aim to remind about the safety in the underground.

There, cutie potatoes will show you various stupid ways possible to end your life! The potatoes are not frustrated at all — on the contrary, they sing the refrain in chorus ... (read more)


Life is a game?

Would you like to play the game of your life as if it were a computer game?

We can not only imagine this but also see with the help of the short futuristic film 'Sight'. This film has been created to demonstrate what our reality would be with special contact lens on that turn every routine action into ... (read more)


Answer the phone! Your baby is calling!

Every mummy appreciates the Baby Monitor. With it she is able to go about her business while the baby is peacefully sleeping or plays with its toys. The technology develops, and now baby monitor can be 'embedded' into your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch for you not to carry an extra device. Now you do n... (read more)


Hearing aid is no longer something to hide.

Wearing glasses is no longer something people are embarrassed about. The first reason, not very cheerful though, is that more and more people have their eyesight worsened in our age of computer technology. The other reason, a more pleasant one, is that the glasses became a fashion accessory, even fo... (read more)